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Let your ideas fly free: TFU Ulm / Neu-Ulm supports you in facing your entrepreneurial challenges and in handling your daily business. Here you can find support and advice for start-ups and business management, telephone switchboards and office infrastructure.

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Our team

Companies with a home at TFU

This is the place for great companies and even greater people. See for yourself. Perhaps your next cooperation partner is already here? As a start, some describe what drives them and how they are progressing or how they have already become successful.
Exchanging ideas and mutual support benefits everyone.

Stefan Brand
Leander Gleinser

Brand & Gleinser GmbH

For those of you who are thinking about an independent and above all self-determined working environment, we recommend that you do not rush things, make detailed preparations, even if it takes several years from your initial idea to its implementation. Based on our experience, this provides the necessary personal and professional security to face this kind of adventure. However, it also requires the necessary stamina and, ultimately, the courage to take that last decisive step.

So far, our personal journey has been very positive, and we believe we made the right decision.

You'll never know if something will work if you just think about it. The only way to find out is if you take that decisive step and put your own ideas into practice, and if it works, then so much the better.


Johannes Schwegler
Nick Sabanokow

Zukotec OHG

Looking back, we see tough times, but also times in which we learnt so very much and which massively pushed our personal development. As hoped, our customers welcomed us, and our range of services and products, right from the start.

Our tips for future start-ups:
- Being well-prepared is the be-all and end-all, simply attend the start-up seminar at the TFU.
- Don't rush the business plan and take the long processing times of the authorities into account.
- Keep an eye on your goals, and if things don't work out too well, don't bury your head in the sand, because a new door will always open.


Reiner Taglang
Anna Literova

Day4Solutions GmbH i.G.

We are developing a cloud-based process digitisation (PD) platform. Based on the research results of the Institute for Databases and Information Systems, we developed the ADAM process (Applied Data-Aligned Modelling) using current web technologies, which enables SMEs to digitise their individual business processes on our platform. Process changes are therefore implemented much faster and more cost-effectively than with standard IT solutions (e.g. ERP).

It all started on the learning platforms of computer scientists at the University of Ulm. From there, it went to the chemists, then on to the dental technicians - always on public learning platforms at the Uni West. When, during a tour of the premises, the university management asked whether we had an office here and pointed out the fire protection guidelines, we realised that we had to find a room.

Friends we met in the start-up community of the Ulm Chamber of Industry and Commerce suggested we ask the TFU. Here we are around other start-ups and existing companies that are or were in a similar situation to us. To this day, the TFU team still supports us with various questions.


Mahir Yildirim &
Yener Yildirim

Foundea GmbH

Foundea GmbH is an internet agency which I founded together with my brother Yener at the end of 2017. Our focus is on Online B2B marketing.

It all started with Schulminator is a free learning site for students we launched in 2011. Meanwhile we have about 1 million clicks per month.

This was quickly followed by and in 2018 we founded

We enjoy creating websites and tinkering with their optimisation and online presence. We offer companies our expertise on the internet and online marketing as a service.


Andrea Anders
Otto Dostal

tellpro G.b.R.

The TFU has always actively supported us in our work. Flexible solutions were always developed together, something which we were happy to take advantage of. We were also able to benefit from the contacts here at the GründerZentrum. Here, you can find someone you can collaborate with in-house for nearly any interesting project.


Dr. Silke Süße

DC Drogencheck GmbH

We are rather proud to say that we were the first to succeed in replicating a highly complicated procedure invented by employees of the Charité Clinic in Berlin and to adapt it as a mass application. In this way, it is possible to detect the miniscule amount two billionths of a gram of alcohol in hair that has been previously washed and rinsed in solvent.

We only need a few centimetres of hair to read the alcohol consumption of the test person over the past six months like an open book. Compared to previous methods, which are far more complex and inaccurate, this can be described as a milestone.


Prof. Dr. Gerhard Kongehl

Udis - Ulmer Akademie für Datenschutz und IT-Sicherheit
[The Ulm Academy for Data Protection and IT Security]

New founders are advised not to lose faith in the success of their own ideas too quickly. It can take time for others to realise that you have something special to offer. When the breakthrough does come, you may have to deal with copycats. But you also need nerves of steel when it comes to finances: the order situation may fluctuate, and customer payment practices can cause existential fears. It is therefore appropriate to keep financial obligations to a minimum from at the outset.

It's a good thing that you can rent office space from the TFU at various prices and that there is also excellent advice here for us economic amateurs. By the way, this also applies to personnel management. Managing a team also needs practise. At udis, we have come to appreciate all this.


Dr. Matthias Kohn
Dr. Gunnar Box
Thorsten Steffen

LangCor Service GmbH

Professional self-fulfilment and creative work were the main motivation for all three of us to become self-employed. In addition, we had a common interest in implementing the new incentives and having fun working with the services in this industry.

Looking back over the past 5 years, we can see that our portfolio/focus changed constantly. Compared to our original plan, we can determine quite a few differences. Staying flexible is therefore very important. As is constantly adapting, questioning and increasingly specialising in one's own products.

And yes, we would do it all over again!


Sites and facilities

As one of the large centres, we work across national borders and offer you tailored facilities and laboratory space at three different sites. 


Business Incubator

Marlene-Dietrich Straße (Neu-Ulm)


Innovation Center

Science Park II (Ulm)


Biotechnology Center

Sedanstraße (Ulm)

Kooperation: BED BusinessPark

Cooperation: BED Business Park

Gewerbegebiet Donautal (Ehingen)


Seminar facilities for rent

Whether you’re a guest or a tenant; meet in an inspiring atmosphere or hold your seminars in our professional environment. You’ll always be supported by our team. We want your project to progress.

Seminarraum, Konferenzraum

Service and Conditions

Infrastructure & Services all-inclusive

Mastering everyday business life in any weather

IT Infrastructure & Communications Technology

Stay in touch at all times

Telephone service


Delicious food and great catering

A lunch table


Define your space at the TFU

Usage Fees

Additional Services

Biotechnology Laboratories

The right equipment for research, development, production

Individual support

Need an overview?​​

Mastering everyday business life in any weather

Central Reception
Your visitors are always warmly welcomed and can wait at Reception in peace and quiet.

Mail and Parcel Service
To leave you more time for your goals, we take care of your daily mail and parcels. The acceptance of parcels while you are on the road is also part of our standard service.

Service Office
Each day can bring a multitude of questions. With our knowledge and experience, we are happy to help you eliminate those “little problems” quickly. Just ask us!

Support and Advice
Where required, we can provide information material on, for example, start-up concepts or we can arrange contacts with authorities, sponsors, institutions, companies and investors, etc.

Meeting Room
Whether for interviews, meetings or telephone conferences - as a tenant, the furnished meeting room is available, free of charge.

Tea kitchen & Table Football
Need a break? Why not treat yourself to a cup of tea/coffee in the shared tea kitchen or play a round of table football to clear your head?

We also offer fee-based services such as secretarial services (e.g. copying, printing, faxing), paperwork, caretaker services, cleaning services beyond standard cleaning (e.g. for laboratories), conference services.

Stay in touch at all times

We can offer a community infrastructure, such as ...

-  VoIP telephone system
- In-house LAN network (structured Cat 5 or Cat 7 cabling)
- IT rooms with cabinets suitable for installation
- High-speed Internet access (flat-rate with fixed IP address) and automatic Multihoming
- Server-housing in air-conditioned server rooms

- High-performance colour copiers up to A3 - Digital network printer up to A3 in colour with confidential printing by code and individual cost recording via cost centre

- seminar and conference facilities furnished and equipped with presentation technology

If you are on the road, in a meeting or don't want to be disturbed, we can take your calls and forward any messages according to your requirements.

Your advantages:
- We answer calls with your company’s name
Your customers will always have a personal contact on the phone
- Individual agreements regarding message forwarding are also possible
- This service is included in the rental

A lunch table

Our partners LaCantera and the canteen of the Grüner Zweig Ulm , who can also be contacted for catering, provide a delicious lunch at the GründerZentrum and InnovationsZentrum locations.

LaCantera at the GründerZentrum

Canteen at the InnovationsZentrum

Define your space at the TFU

As a founder or young company, you can expect a flexible and dynamic space of approx. 8,000 m² at our three facilities.

Office space, laboratory space, workshop space and storage space from 20 m².

A range of joint infrastructures and services, no long rental obligations at the following rental conditions:

Rental Rates

Additional Services

For all other services, as a partner company, you will be charged our affordable prices as per our internal usage and fee regulations.

The right equipment for research, development, production - right from the start

Biotechnology is one of the most important growth markets of the future. Of the 29 bioregions in Germany, five are in Baden-Württemberg, including the Ulm BioRegion.

- Baden-Württemberg is home to a distinctive research landscape, supported by the state-wide service and marketing company BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg and a large number of biotech companies in comparison to other parts of Germany

- The Ulm BioRegion is the central location for biotechnological production

- in particular for the biotechnological production of pharmaceutical substances

- In the Ulm region, biotechnological research activities are conducted at the University of Ulm, Ulm University of Applied Sciences, Biberach University of Applied Sciences and several large companies.

- The Ulm BioRegion is home to around 50 biotechnology companies providing approximately 2,200 jobs.

- With the Ulm BioRegion, the area has established its own infrastructure, not only to promote the exchange of information between the participants, but also to motivate start-ups:

BioRegionUlm e.V.
Olgastr. 95 - 101
89073 Ulm
Dr Niklas Nold
Tel: 00 49 731 173-252

- Supporting the cooperation between universities, research facilities and businesses
- Collaboration with regional transfer technology facilities
- Consulting, support and promotion of biotech start-ups
- Contact mediation between companies and junior researchers

Your advantages as a founder:
- Contacts for biotechnology as a core area
- Quick access to a regional network in your speciality

Laboratories at TFU

Need an overview?​​

You’ve got a great idea or want to use your skills to start your own business - but where to begin? How do you get all the available information and help as efficiently as possible?

There is a wide range of support offers in our region - both in Baden-Württemberg and in Bavaria.

This overview will help you to find the right offer quickly.

Pick out what’s right for you: chambers of industry and commerce, chambers of trade, business development agencies, business incubators, employment agencies, contacts at universities and colleges, personal contacts, etc. - take advantage of all the opportunities!

Plan your project carefully. During those first years of being self-employed, ensure that you have continuous access to contact persons who will advise and help you without red tape, at short notice and on call in the event of unexpected problems.

And then: Good luck with your start-up!

Brochure “Start-ups in the Region” (PDF 2.4 MB)


Support at TFU

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The TFU provides more than just office space. Here you become part of a community that you yourself help to create. Short routes, other interesting people, access to a large network and the “scene”. A team fully committed to your requirements. Here's where you can find the wind for your sails.

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